And by the Sea She Came to Me by Naomi Piper

And by the Sea She Came to Me by Naomi Piper

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By the sea, she found her. And by the sea, she’ll come to her.

Anna is a mopey college student who struggles to find things she genuinely enjoys outside of tentacle hentai. She expects a calm, quiet Thanksgiving break with her dad in their island lighthouse.

Echo is a tentacle mermaid living in her big sister’s shadow. She plans to hunt Anna’s dad to bring home for her family to finally score some Good Kid points. Until she spots Anna through a window, taking a moonlight bath. Now Echo has a lot of feelings and interesting new sensations to figure out.

Is a week of the best and weirdest adult relations of Anna’s life enough to pull her from her rut? What happens to her tentacle mermaid girlfriend when she has to travel hundreds of miles away to go back to college? Is she bothered by Echo killing people in front of her, or is it kinda hot?

Will Echo finally make her family proud? Is she a foot girl? (Yes.) How will she cope with Anna leaving her? Are ten limbs enough to satisfy a woman?

Calm, stormy beach vibes throughout. Seaside atmosphere and underwater culture.

Featuring fated mates, tentacles, DP, TP (etc…), foot stuff, exhibitionism, innocent monster, repressed but very eager virgin, affectionate dynamics.


  • adult situations (the whole book is an adult situation)
  • brief allusion to SA
  • murder
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