Alpha Shifter Lovers Box Set by Blossom SeaFarrer

A box set collection including two books.

Alpha Shifter Lovers

The fight of the Unseelie to control them and the Seelie court.

Liriel’s Gancanagh Shifter and the battle to save a kidnapped child.

Reyna’s Tiger Shifter Shaman and the protection of the cub.

Into the Danger and embrace of the lover they never knew they needed.

He appears during the shifters and fae territory war and sparks my forbidden desires.

My Vicious Shifter

He’s not a Werecat but a Gancanagh, a mysterious race of shifters; with his broad shoulders, perfect lips, and all my attention, he’s not the distraction I could plan for.

My conviction to find the kidnapper while working with a mystical beast brings me closer to danger.

The Seelie and Unseelie courts are constantly at odds, but the kidnapping of a human child is taking it too far.

Tiger-Shifter Shaman

This Tiger-Shifting Shaman’s powers are an equal match to my Fae magic.

Kael feels my powers are a threat, but he is a temptation that stirs my curiosity.

Against the looming threat, we must safeguard our worlds and the love that’s taken root.

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