Accidentally Orc-Ward by Lucee Joie

Accidentally Orc-Ward by Lucee Joie

Hi, my name’s Mabel and I’m the universe’s worst monster hunter.

I mean, it doesn’t help that I keep falling in love with them…

They said a meek human woman could never kill monsters– and they were right. The only problem was my father accidentally killed a nobleman and the king needed a new monster slayer.

I am a debt that has to be paid.

Now, my family is long dead, I am no longer meek, and I am still charged with killing every non-human entity that the latest king bears a grudge against.

If I could just stop loving them…


I’m Brugo and, really, I shouldn’t have eaten that human.

It’s been a hard winter, though.

I thought that by keeping myself far away from humans I would be fine. But then the drought happened, followed closely by a bitter winter that lasted for far too long.

That human had been a mistake but it had been the only thing that kept me alive.

Now I smell another human and I yearn for this one too…

Accidentally Orc-Ward is the first book in the Monster Hunter/Lover series. If you desire a happily ever after with unbelievably hot monsters and a human who doesn’t have to choose as well as plenty of steamy scenes then grab your copy today.

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