Abduction Seduction by D.J. Russo

Abduction Seduction by D.J. Russo

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All I want to do is party, have no-strings fun, and go back home to mend my broken heart.

But all they want is to find a savior… and for some reason, they’ve chosen me.

On the first day of Chimera Con, the biggest fan con in North America, my long-term boyfriend dumps me over a text. Obviously, I’m pissed and heartbroken, but I’m prepared to grin and bear it while I fly solo for the weekend.

But then I meet Aiden.

Aiden is sweet, charismatic, and inquisitive: All the things my ex wasn’t. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s hot as hell and into the same nerdy stuff as I am. When he introduces me to his equally attractive friends, Sara and Wes, my weekend does a one-eighty. I’m ready for a weekend full of no-strings hookups to get over my ex. The only issue? My new friends aren’t even human. And what they need from me, I’m not sure I’m ready to give. Their planet is being ravaged by a disease only my blood can cure.

No pressure, right?

ABDUCTION SEDUCTION is a cozy sci-fi polyamorous romance featuring a plus-sized FMC, a FFMM quad, and aliens who look like aliens. It’s intended for adult readers who like their books full of fun spice without much plot or angst. It is complete with an HEA, and each book in the City Aliens series can be read as a complete standalone.

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