A Portrait of Pleasure by Lacie Love

A Portrait of Pleasure by Lacie Love

She didn’t know what she was going to get when she summoned a demon—and a four-armed, half-man, half-spider demon who claims to want her in exchange is the last thing she had in mind.

Vera’s on the verge of her big break—she just needs to finish painting the last piece in her gallery series and pull off a successful debut night. Easy. Definitely not anxiety inducing.

But she’s out of the special paint the local art witch sells, with no way to get her hands on more for her big debut. What’s a level-headed witch to do? Summon a demon, of course.

Who knew this overly polite spider-man-demon could turn out to be such a cinnamon roll? She never knew living with a literal demon could be so warm and cozy and filled with domestic bliss. As she finds herself falling for him, she can’t help but battle her own anxieties about whether or not they’ll even work out in the little time that they have together.

But what’s a witch to do? Let herself be taken by her demon, of course.

***A Portrait of Pleasure is a human/monster romance novella with fall vibes, an anxious fmc, low stakes, domestic hijinks, awkward first nights, lots of steamy scenes, and a HEA.

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