A Monsterful Christmas by Elizabeth Dunlap

A Monsterful Christmas by Elizabeth Dunlap

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Elda wanted to spend a quiet night in enjoying herself before the craziness of the holidays, until a mysterious package arrives with an odd looking statue inside. She gives it a rub, and goes to bed, only to wake up the next morning with a giant demon in her kitchen.

Jubal has been bound to the sacred statue for centuries, forced to serve whoever owns it until he’s passed on to another mistress. But this time, Jubal is enchanted by this witch, Elda, and he wants to do much more than serve her.

Falling for a demon is dangerous, especially when he’s as devoted as Jubal. Serving his mistress may just be the key he needs to break the spell, and win her heart.

Disclaimer: This story is a novella with insta-love. If you want a long book with more plot, it’s not this one. If you want an intense short read with high heat, please keep reading.

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