10 Paranormal Monster Romance Books

10 Paranormal Monster Romance Books

Are you looking for a paranormal romance with monsters? A story set in a contemporary world where fantastical creatures walk among us, whether it’s in secret or out in the open? A world where you can simply walk down the street and encounter a beast or two?

If so, you’ve found the right place! Below are ten sweet and steamy paranormal monster romance books with krakens, gargoyles, orcs, demons, minotaurs, and other supernatural beings walking down the streets of cities and small towns! You might even encounter one at the office and start a workplace romance!

If this is your thing, then take a look at the books below and get ready to romance a creature of the night!

Don’t know what monster romance is? Read more about monster romance here!

1. Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. Nascosta

Violet is a typical, down-on-her-luck millennial: mid-twenties, over-educated and drowning in debt, on the verge of moving into her parents’ basement. When a lifeline appears in the form of a very unconventional job in neighboring Cambric Creek, she has no choice but to grab at it with both hands.

Morning Glory Farm offers full-time hours, full benefits, and generous pay with no experience needed . . . there’s only one catch. The clientele is Grade A certified prime beef, with the manly, meaty endowments to match. Hands-on work with minotaurs isn’t something Violet ever considered as a career option, but she’s determined to turn the opportunity into a reversal of fortune.

When a stern, deep-voiced client begins to specially request her for his sessions at the farm, maintaining her professionalism and keeping him out of her dreams is easier said than done. Violet is resolved to make a dent in her student loans and afford name-brand orange juice, and a one-sided crush on an out-of-her-league minotaur is not a part of her plan—unless her feelings aren’t so one-sided after all.

Morning Glory Milking Farm is a short human/monster romance novel (60k), featuring a high heat slow burn with a lot of heart, and a guaranteed HEA. It is the first book in the Cambric Creek Monster Romance series and can be read as a standalone. CWs are viewable on the author’s website.

2. Stalked by the Kraken by Lillian Lark

A matchmaking witch, an ancient sea creature, and the sex contract they make.

Welcome to the Love Bathhouse where desire and acceptance are in the water.

The Witch
Celibacy is a bad look for a matchmaker.

Especially a matchmaker who works at the kind of paranormal bathhouse that would have grandmothers clutching their pearls.
A worse look is a matchmaker experiencing a crisis of confidence.
I am that matchmaker.

We need raw magic, desperately.

And now a mysterious man walks into my office, offering me the exact solution I need.
The problem is that he wants to be matched… with me.
Matching doesn’t work for me; I found that out the hard way.

The Kraken
I saw her and the creature inside me wanted.

She doesn’t want a relationship. She says that the most we can have are the three nights she promised me, but the dark part of myself isn’t going to let the woman who snared its attention go.

I found her. I hunted her. She’s mine.

**Stalked by the Kraken is a monster romance that features tentacles. This book is a standalone and takes place in the same world as, and prior to the events of, Three of Hearts with some character crossover.

Content Warning: Book includes breeding behavior and mentions infertility.

3. Titan by Jillian Graves

Living, breathing gargoyles shouldn’t exist. Julianna should be running for the door. But the way he looks at her… and touches her… awakens new desires.

When former child star Julianna Novak loses everything to her shady managers, she’ll do whatever it takes to win her independence back, even if it means rushing to find a new sugar daddy. When Titan, a wealthy businessman, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she soon realizes he may not be what he seems. His curved horns, massive wings, and ribbed prehensile tail are, however, more than she ever bargained for.

Leader of the last surviving gargoyles, Titan knows what desperation looks like, and he recognizes it in Julianna. The heavy weight she carries is one he’s able to bear—and one he finds he wants to. 

Julianna needs a Daddy, and Titan is ready to be the firm hand—and more—she needs.

When his missing supernatural artifact and her financial troubles unexpectedly align, Titan and Julianna find that a single night together won’t be enough. Confronted by old enemies, the diverging paths they once followed may no longer be the destiny their hearts desire.

4. Love, Laugh, Lich by Kate Prior

Some people have monsters for a boss, but not everyone has an undead Necromancer Lord at the office.

Lily has been the Lich’s secretary ever since his evilness took over the company. She loves her job, but she’s got some questions about her boss. Like what’s under that cloak of ever-billowing.

Her wondering intensifies when one day the Lich needs something from her that isn’t just scheduling appointments– but a shiver. He needs it for a spell, but it feels like it crosses a line from their usual workplace banter.

After her contributions to his dark rituals become more than OSHA compliant, she starts to contemplate whether the Lich Lord returns her feelings, or still only sees her as his secretary. Lily may have given him her body, but he never asked for her heart.

Love, Laugh, Lich is a M/F office monster romance with light comedic elements, roughly 17k words. Content notes will be on the author’s website.

5. How Not to Date a Demon by Lana Kole

Did I swipe right on the wrong guy?

This is a question Maeve has no choice but to ask herself as her boyfriend’s sins pile up.

Besides the usual dirty socks on the floor, the dishes left sitting beside the sink, and having to clean up after him like his damned mother, now he’s brought home three solid black puppies. At the request of his boss, who’s been holding a promotion over his head since the beginning of their relationship.

So fine. She’ll watch the puppies. They are pretty cute, after all.

…If she can ignore the way they guard the bedroom door with glowing red eyes.

What’s not cute? Galen’s shirts appearing in the hamper with the same two tears along the shoulder blades, the late-night walks, and the weird chanting in the middle of the living room.

Determined to get to the bottom of her boyfriend’s sudden weirdness, Maeve concocts a plan, a series of tests to figure out what the hell Galen is exactly.

Vampire? Werewolf? Something from Hell itself?

She’s damned well going to find out, even if she has to use all the salt in the pantry.


Is Maeve right to lead her own investigation into her boyfriend’s weird antics? Get in on this silly adventure and learn How Not to Date a Demon.

6. Mated to the Monster by Sarah Spade

I really should’ve known better than to play around with that old book of spells…

He says his name is Malphas, that he’s something called a Sombra demon, and I’m his mate.

Monster, demon… whatever he is, his muscles are bigger than my head, and that club between his legs… I don’t know if mate means the same thing to him as it does me, but he’s gotta be kidding.

Spoiler alert: he’s not.

Mal has been waiting for more than a thousand years for the one woman meant for him. He’s convinced that’s me, and he’s willing to do anything to prove it. And maybe there’s something really wrong with me because, before long, I find myself eager to let him try…

Mated to the Monster is the first in a monster romance series about the Sombra demons, a race of shadow-based monsters who will do anything to claim their females. Mal and Shannon might come from different worlds, but when it comes to fate, lust, and forever… they might just be a perfect match.

7. Candy for My Orc Boss by Ava Ross

A new life, a new job, a new orc husband . . . Wait, isn’t he supposed to be my boss?

After my ex announces his wedding to someone other than me, I’m eager to leave town. A new life and a new job are just what I need to restore my mojo. On the way to my destination, I overnight at a hotel where edible unmentionables and a tattooed orc construction worker rock my world. I sneak out the next morning, figuring I’ll never see him again.

Until I walk into my new job. That hot orc construction worker?

He’s my boss.

He’s eager to continue where we left off.

And those symbols on his wrists? According to orc tradition, they mean we’re married.

Candy for my Orc Boss is Book 1 in the Monsterville, USA world. Each book is standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and they can be read in any order. Expect size difference, a cinnamon roll hero, fates mates, and a marriage of convenience.

8. Nora’s Kraken by Leigh Miller

I didn’t flee one monster just to be claimed by another.

When the Monster Relations Bureau tells me I’ve been identified as a kraken shifter’s mate, my first instinct is to run. I learned the hard way what it means to be treated like someone’s possession, and I’m not about to make the same mistake twice.

Only, Elias is… different. Patient and careful with me, willing to wait as long as it takes for me to let him in. The more I learn to trust him, and the more he draws me under with the dark temptation of his touch, the more the defenses I’ve held onto so long start to crumble.

Still, he’s not the only monster I’ve dealt with. And when the human monster from my past finally catches up with me, I’ll have to decide if I trust Elias enough to let him help me, protect me, claim me as his, even though being possessed has only ever left me broken and afraid.

Author’s Note: Nora’s Kraken is a full-length monster romance with a guaranteed HEA. This novel contains adult themes – please visit the author’s website for details.

9. Little Slice of Hell by Clio Evans

Creatures of all kinds go to the Barista to find love, including the devilishly sexy incubus known as Dante.

Dante wants to find his soul mate— someone that won’t scream when they see his horns, his tail, and his…other thing. Thousands of years of seduction and power, and he still can’t fill the hole in his heart.

When the Barista sets Dante up with a human named Peter, he realizes that he’s never wanted anyone else more. Peter is resistant though, especially when it comes to the L word.

Dante has his work cut out for him if he’s going to finally get his own little slice of hell.

This novella has the following:

  • Hot MONSTER Scenes
  • Special package….
  • Fated Mates Love
  • BDSM
  • Sword Crossing
  • And more ????

The Creature Cafe Series follows the Barista and who he matchmakes. Each book will have a different monster finding their true love, tons of spicy scenes, and special *ahem* appendages. Follow Clio Evans on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok to stay up to date on monster related shenanigans.

10. Muscles & Monsters by Ashley Bennett

Leviathan Fitness is known for monsters, muscles, and wolven who rescue damsels in distress.

After a wedding cake catastrophe, local decorator Tegan finds herself being helped by a solid wall of fur and fangs named Atlas. She’s never met anyone like him and finds herself enamored by his wolfish charm. After their sweet encounter, Atlas invites her to his gym anytime she needs his cake lifting services.

Tegan decides that instead- she wants to lift the cakes herself. She signs up for a membership with Leviathan Fitness, determined to build her strength.

Primal desires emerge as Atlas and Tegan test just how much their new love can lift— and if there are any limits to what monsters and humans can do.

Muscles & Monsters is book one in the Leviathan Fitness series. Each book will center around the gym and feature a different monster pairing.

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